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MF Plasterboard Ceilings by an Experienced Ceiling Contractor

MF by British Gypsum, Knauf, Tradeline, Speedline, Armstrong DGS, all installed by a competent and reliable contractor.

We are up to speed with MF manufacturers installation guidelines, experienced at working in a wide range of environments (from building sites, through to offices, schools, shops, or larger domestic homes).

Our MF installations vary from large car showroom, down to smaller office areas.

We hold relevant insurances, are ConstructionLine Gold accredited, members of SafeContractor, and our fixers hold a range of training certificates.

MF are non load bearing ceilings that are constructed from a metal framed system, to which plasterboard is then fixed, and then taped and filled, or skimmed, to give a monolithic appearance.  The finished ceiling surface can be painted, vinyled or wallpapered.

A few properties that MF can achieve are:

  • The MF system is very versatile in the shapes that it can create.
  • MF can offer very high acoustic properties;
    • It can be constructed with Soundbloc (or other layers of boards) and insulated for sound reduction purposes.
    • Specialist boards from the British Gypsum Gyptone and Rigitone range offer incredibly high acoustic performance.  These specialist boards are manufactured with specially designed holes or patterns, which help in reducing ehco and sound levels.
    • MF can offer high fire resistance properties – it was be fitted with Fireline plasterboards to create a fire rating of up to 120 minutes in certain situations and with specific components.

If access above the ceiling is required after the MF is installed then access hatches can be incorporated into the ceiling.  These access hatches come in a range of styles; ready to either receive a skim finish to match a ceiling, a reduced picture frame border, and lock or touch opening.

Armstrong DGS System

A similar system to MF, Armstrong’s Drywall Grid System creates a large grid framework which is then boarded.  Contact us today to find out anything further about any of the above systems.

What does MF ceiling stand for?

MF is a metal framed ceiling system.  Consisting of primary and secondary channels, that are hung and joined together in various manners, and then finished with a specific plasterboard.  Where the ceiling is being used, and what for, helps determine how it’s put together and the which board gets used.

A finished MF ceiling just looks like a flat plain ceiling; all the metalwork is hidden and you’re just left with a monolithic finish.

What does an MF ceiling cost?

There are so many variables it’s very difficult to give a £ rule of thumb.  If you provide us with a few details though, we can work out an idea for you.  Get in touch today.

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