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Suspended Ceilings

Bolts Are An Experienced Suspended Ceiling Contractor.

A suspended ceiling is a low cost solution which can aid with various situations. It can improve appearance, acoustics, fire rating or thermal insulation. They can also provide an area to run services, and integrate lighting.

Your suspended ceilings fitted on time, and to budget.

(We’ll also keep a clean and tidy site and take away all our rubbish.)

We work directly with your business or as a specialist sub-contractor.

Our usual installations range from only a few square metres, up to large areas of over 1000m2.

Where do we work?

We usually install suspended ceilings throughout the West Midlands, Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire’s surrounding areas.  (For example Hereford. Worcester. Malvern. LedburyLeominster. Cheltenham. Gloucester. Tewkesbury. Ross-on-Wye. Monmouth. Evesham. Stourport. Ludlow.)

Ceilings from the key brands, all installed by our experienced ceiling fixers. We hold all necessary insurances and are fully up to speed with our H+S responsibilities. We also hold relevant training and certifications.

“Just to say your lads just finished the new suspended ceiling. They are two very nice guys and were really polite from the outset. They did the job with little or no disturbance to my company and worked around our sales girls (and guys) with great consideration. The end product looks superb and we are delighted. I have thanked the two lads but feel free to pass my comments on. Many thanks for a great job done Nick” – Mark Williams of Rotherwas

Lay-in grid suspended ceilings are constructed from various different components. They usually form a modular grid at either 600mm x 600mm or 1200mm x 600mm centres.

Suspended ceilings are idea for concealing pipe or ductwork and electrical services. They can incorporate many different styles of light fitting, or hide a lot of mess!

They are also excellent ways to improve acoustics in a room, or to provide fire protection.

We work in a wide range of locations:

We have worked in a very wide range of locations over the years outside of standard offices. From acoustic ceilings in schools to fire rated ceilings in industrial units. Also including office ceilings in military bases or shop unit ceilings. It would be unlikely we haven’t worked in your location before.

With customers in both the private and public sector:

We are a Local Authority approved contractor. And the chosen suspended ceiling contractor for many of our customers. We are equally at home installing a new office ceiling for a local business or school as we are on a specialist site. We regularly work in many locations that require background checks and work passes.

A range of ceiling solutions from budget to performance:

We can help you with the supply and fit of a simple budget false ceiling to cover up an unsightly soffit. Or replacing an old tired ceiling, or a ceiling to allow you to incorporate LED lighting. We can also carry out ceiling repairs, or simply a tile change (installing a modern tile for example).

However, perhaps you have a more specific requirement? We can also help you with a fire rated ceiling or an acoustic ceiling to help with bad acoustics. We can fit architect or contractor specified ceilings from a specific manufacturer.

Some of the move common requirements we come across include:

  • Purely tidying up an area. Ceilings can create a ceiling void above the ceiling grid to run services through, or to install recessed LED light fittings into.
  • Fire protection. 30 or 60 minutes are standard times, but others are available. Different lengths of protection can be achieved depending on how the ceiling is constructed.
  • Acoustic properties. A correct choice of tile will allow a room to function correctly; helping with sound absorption or reverberation time. For example, a meeting room will require a slightly different tile (or acoustic panel) to an open plan office area. The reason being that they will be dealing with different levels and types of sound.
  • Suitable for humid environments. Tiles installed into a toilet or changing area will need to cope with the increased levels of humidity in the air, so that they won’t ‘sag’ in the grid. Anti-corrosion grid, including perimeter trim, can also be required to cope with a humid environment.
  • Hygienic properties. Rooms requiring high levels of hygiene such as kitchens or laboratories, can have hygienic ceilings. These are tiles and grids that resist bio-contamination and are easily cleanable.
  • Have a specific edge detail. Ceiling tiles are commonly available with either a square edge, or a rebated edge. The square edge tiles are most common, and they sit in the grid. Microlook or Tegular edges, are rebated edges to the tiles which means that they ‘sit through’ the grid and hang slightly below the level line of the grid.

Some of the benefits also found with a ceiling include:

  • With high light reflectance properties a ceiling will help light an area.
  • Reducing the area that needs heating or cooling by having a lower ceiling.
  • We can offer exposed, semi-concealed or concealed grid systems.  Exposed grids are most widely used, with either a 15mm or 24mm width grid, and either a square or rebated edged detail.

Covering a wide range of systems and solutions:

Lay in grid ceilings – MF plasterboard ceilings – Metal pan ceilings

We know and follow the manufacturers guidelines for the installation of all of our ceiling system installations. This ensures they’re installed according to best practices.

Metal tiles can offer a secure system, able to cope with impact for challenging scenarios.

Access panels can be installed into a plasterboard MF ceiling. This will ensure access is still available above the ceiling after it is installed.

Feature ceilings or specialist rafts:

We can form and install feature shape ceilings or rafts, which can incorporate lighting, or speakers, or help with room acoustics.  We can also offer impartial advice and guidance to you on the best system to install for your requirements.

All installed according to the manufacturers guidelines:

Over the years we’ve installed ceilings by pretty much every major manufacturer. Armstrong, Rockfon, Ecophon, AMF, Sektor, SAS, Burgess or British Gypsum for example.

We also work closely with electrical and mechanical companies. So we can easily accommodate any requirements for these services within any suspended ceiling system that we install.

Suspended Ceiling Surveys

We have carried out surveys for the Environment Agency and the Local Authority. This usually involves inspecting ceilings to check on their current condition. We will also check that they were installed correctly.

Where do we work?

A map showing our approximate travelling distance for a suspended ceiling (or ceilings) can be found here.  Please contact us if you are near our area and we will let you know if we can travel to you.

Further information about us can be found on our About Us

What is a suspended ceiling system?

Simply put, it is a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling.

How much does a suspended ceiling cost?

Sadly, it rally does depend.  It isn’t easy to give an accurate idea without knowing the ceiling is to be installed.  For example a ceiling could cost in the region of £30m2, but there are a large number of variables that can influence this cost either way.  If you send us some details we will let you have a no obligation idea of costs.

What is the minimum drop for a suspended ceiling?

This depends on any light or mechanical fittings being installed into the ceiling as well as anything that could be obstructing the cavity; but roughly a 100mm+ void is acceptable.

What is a standard height for a suspended ceiling?

Ceilings are usually installed at 2.4m+.

Suspended Ceiling Shop

We ran an ecommerce store – ‘Suspended Ceiling Shop’ – which was a supplier of ceiling tiles for many years before closing the website down in 2018 to concentrate solely on our supply and fit business.  We would like to thank our past customers for their support over the years.

Can we give you some (completely no obligation) idea of costs, a quote, or some further information?

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