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Fully Glazed, Part Glazed, or Solid Office Partitioning.

Your partitions will be supplied and fitted with the minimum of fuss.

(We won’t leave any mess, and we’re used to working around and amongst people.)

We work directly with end users and as a sub-contractor.

Our projects vary in size from forming screens of a few linear metres, all the way to multiple floor fitouts.

Office partitioning systems from industry leading manufacturers, all installed promptly, neatly, and to budget.  We hold relevant training and certification, and are well versed at working in live offices.

“Bolts of Hereford have always provided us with a sound service on various projects both small and large. Their flexible approach and adaptability to the customer needs has always been appreciated. They are a personable company to deal with and I look forward to future co-operation.” – Rob Arnold AIIRSM Tech IOSH, Health and Safety / Facilities Manager

Our projects vary in size quite dramatically:

From creating a small cost effective office for a small business or charity, to fitting out multiple floors of a new office block forming a large amount of new office space; we’re capable of both and anything in between.

Numerous different styles available:

Whether you’re looking for some solid office partitioning, fully glazed partitioning, solid with windows or vision panels, or a combination of any of these we can help.

From 50mm metal stud up to jumbo or I stud, steel skinned industrial, composite and demountable systems, aluminium framed or frameless glass partitioning; we have installed them all.

Please click here if you would like to view some indicative images of styles of partition that can be formed.

We can help with any related works if required:

We cover a wide range of related interior services as well as partitioning, so can offer you one point of contact for your partitioning project if it involves other works as well, if you’d like.

For example we can carry out any decorations required, ceiling alterations, electrical and mechanical requirements, floorings or joinery works.  Our services page has more details.

We’ve been fitting office partitions since 1994:

From glass partitions creating break space or multi-function offices, to confidential meeting rooms or board rooms; for small businesses and multinational companies, we’ve done it.

Fire rated or acoustic partitions available:

We’re well versed in the various different nuances of forming fire rated or acoustic rated partitions, ensuring they’re installed in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines so you can be sure they’ll perform correctly.

Whatever your company size or your partition requirement, we can help you.

Where do we work?

We are an experienced partitioning contractor and cover and install partitions primarily over an area of the West Midlands, for example Hereford, Worcester, Malvern, Ledbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Ross-on-Wye, Monmouth, Abergavenny, Evesham, Cirencester, Stourport and Ludlow. A map showing our approximate travelling distance can be found here but please contact us if you are near this area and we will happily let you know if we cover your area.

Please do get in touch with us today, either by filling out the contact form on this page or visiting our Contact page, if you have any further questions or would like us to quote you for some office partitions.

Who do we work with?

Our time is split working directly with end users and businesses, as well as working as a specialist sub-contractor to other construction companies.  We are used to working in a wide range of locations; from offices, schools and shops to industrial units or military and constabulary locations.

A quick overview of Bolts:

  • We offer a complete partitioning service and we are able to cover all associated works.
  • We are experienced at installing solid, half glazed and fully glazed partitions; and there won’t be many scenarios we haven’t seen before.
  • We hold all necessary insurances and provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements for all our works.
  • We hold numerous H+S Accreditations, and are FIS Accredited.
  • We’re experienced at working in live environments in occupied offices and schools.
  • All operatives are experienced in the use of a vacuum cleaner!

An overview of the different systems available:

We offer a wide range of office partition systems and there is something to cover every requirement and budget, please read below to find some further details on the most common styles of partition that are used:

  • The track and stud system that we use is one of our most popular systems.  It can offer high level of soundproofing and fire rating, incorporate fully or half glazed modules, curves and a wide range of door and frame finishes.
  • We offer frameless glazed partitions.
  • The most cost effective partition system that we offer is the composite partition system.
  • We offer steel skinned industrial partitioning.

Track and Stud System including Aluminium Framed Partitions


Track and stud incorporating aluminium framed components is a hugely used system.  The C stud system ranges from 48mm up to 146mm studs for varying situations and heights, with standard office partitions usually utilising either the 50mm or 70mm studs.

This is a very versatile system that can incorporate many different layouts, designs and finishes.

  • It can be installed in a straight line, multiple changes in direction or to a curve to make the most of the space available.
  • Throughout a run in can combine solid modules with individual full height or half glazed modules.
  • Be completely full height double glazed with blinds.
  • Be single or double glazed and incorporate blinds.
  • Solid modules can be finished with paint, paper or vinyl.

A basic run of studwork consists of a metal track that is fixed to the floor and ceiling, with a ceiling track being available to form a clean finish with a suspended ceiling, with metal ‘C’ studs installed at appropriate centres.  This is then lined on both sides with one or two layers of plasterboard depending upon its situation and properties.

  • The joints of the track and stud system can either be covered with a clip on aluminium section that is available in any RAL colour to carry on a theme or corporate identity, or they can be taped and filled to give a flush seamless finish.suspended-ceiling-around-curved-glazed-partition
  • This system can incorporate both door and glazing modules.
  • The glazing has the option of being single, or double glazed and can come equipped with blinds.
  • The glazing modules or door frames that can be integrated into this system can be either timber or aluminium, depending upon the aesthetic or specified performance requirement.
  • The system is generally finished with a laminate skirting.

These partitions can provide various levels of fire and acoustic performance.

  • 30 and 60 minute fire ratings are easily achieved with a 48mm or 70mm c-stud when finished with the correct plasterboards, cavity insulation, glazing and doorsets.  Up to 120 minutes is achievable with certain combinations of the system.
  • Using mineral fibre cavity insulation and the correct board finish can result in partitions with high acoustic values, with solid partitions being able to offer up to 52dB sound reduction values.

Frameless Glazed Partitioning


We can offer frameless glazed partitioning. This system can help create light, airy and modern looking offices, while still keeping an open plan feel.  It can be fitted with blinds if required, and comes with manifestations of any kind, such as your company logo or slogan in order to confirm to building regulations. This system can be created using a fire rated glass when fire rating is a requirement.

The system is made up of a floor and head fixing system which hold the modules in position, and then the joints are filled with a silicon  mastic, which help create a frameless appearance. Units can be single or double glazed, and can incorporate blinds.

Composite Partitioning

Composite partitioning with a microlook Dune ceiling

Composite partitioning is a demountable system that is formed using an aluminium head track and posts, infilled with honeycombed packed plasterboards. It is a system that can incorporate glazing and door modules, and changes of direction with the use of 45 and 90 degree upright posts. The aluminium sections are available in SAA, or with a colour coated finish. This system is widely used as it is cost effective, quick to install and is to a certain degree relocatable.

This system can consist of solid panels, half glazed or full height glazed, or any combination of these.

It doesn’t however have a fire rating, and has very basic acoustic rating values.

Steel Partitioning

We can offer a wide range of steel partitioning systems that are used in industrial situations where a durable and robust system is required, or where a clean or secure environment is needed. The panel modules are available in many different formats: Fully solid, half glazed, half meshed or fully meshed. The system can be be have single or double doors, and can be finished in any RAL colour.

Partition systems can be installed a variety of styles:

There are many different basic visual style of partition available, but the three most common styles are below.

  • Solid – This is as simple as it sounds, a solid partition with no windows or glazing in it.
  • Half glazed -This is a partition that incorporates some glazing, usually a window (or windows) in the partition; these could be a module wide and about door handle to door head high with solid partition below and above this, or just a simple small window.
  • Fully glazed – This is a full height glazed partition, either formed using a partitioning system with full height window mullions or a premium frameless system incorporating a minimalistic frame with silicon gaskets at the glazing joints.


We primarily work throughout the Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas, covering for example Hereford, Worcester, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye, Malvern, Monmouth, Leominster, Bromyard, and also into the Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Evesham, Ludlow and Pershore areas.  We do work further afield though, so please do ask us!

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